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A recent binge watching session had me experience what is this year’s biggest television hits, Empire.

It is thoroughly entertaining, keeps you guessing what’s going to happen next and IT HAS SONGS.


Empire is a layered exploration of this family’s secrets and manipulations and Cookie’s AMAZING wardrobe and insults. So to narrow down the moments which made it awesome is difficult, but these moments stand out in the general awesomeness of Empire. (My vocab is limited to awesome and amazing)

Here’s a list of 10 times Empire went from a great TV show to EPICNESS:

(The list is in no particular order)


1) When Cookie couldn’t contain herself as Jamal surprised everyone by performing with Hakeem.

2) When THIS happened.

3) When Anika’s betrayal comes to light and we find out just how cold Lucious can be.

4) When Raven came to the Empire studio and we were like whaaaat?

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5) When Jamal did THIS at the white party *mind blown*

6) When everybody performed ‘You’re So Beautiful’ and it became our new favourite song.

7) When Cookie demanded respect and got it. With a broom.

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8) When Jamal and Lucious did THIS and made it look so effortless (and awesome)!

9) When it was a family affair at Empire studios.

10) When Lucious’ dinner invitation didn’t turn out as Cookie expected it to. And it was hilarious!

(By Salva Mubarak)