Let me tell you something about Dr. Talat Aziz AKA Best Dad in The World (BDIW). He has two Fendi purses AND a silver Lexus.

If you got that reference then *high five*

But. Dr. Talat Aziz.

Yes he happens to be my father and yes, everybody thinks their dad is the strongest, but mine is. Your arguments are invalid (Nobody has ever accused me of being mature).


Following are the FACTS that make Dr. Talat Aziz, AKA BDIW, the way he is.

1) Because he knows everything about everybody.

2) Because his cartography skills are not only noteworthy, they are in demand internationally.

3) Because he has in-depth knowledge of EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN. I am not kidding, it’s kinda freaky.

4) Because he loves movies and does not discriminate between a Mandi and a Hatim Tai.

5) Because he can’t say no. This works in our favour when we’re out shopping.

6) Because he NEVER uses his grade of sarcasm against us. Yes, this is sarcasm.


7) Because he LOVES food.

8) Because he does everything to make us happy.

9) Because he is so grounded despite having 5 amazing, talented, brilliant daughters.


10) Because he has ‘Excellent Software Development Skills’. (His list of accomplishments is another post altogether)

11) Because 11 reasons can’t even begin to describe what an amazing dad he is.

Happy Father’s Day daddy!


(By Salva Mubarak)