I’ve just finished binge-watching The 100 on Netflix and it’s safe to say that I’m DEAD.

In case you aren’t aware of this, in this case DEAD means incredibly obsessed and unable to think or process anything that isn’t about The 100.

Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW — © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved


While I’ve progressed to the fan fiction stage of my obsession, here are ___ reasons, without any spoilers (obvi!) why you should watch The 100 right now!

1. The plot is riveting and super interesting.




If you’re a sci-fi fan then you’re going to love this. The plot is set 97 years after a nuclear apocalypse has destroyed the planet and whatever’s left of the humanity is surviving in space. In SPACE. So these humans surviving in space decide to send 100 juvenile prisoners back to the Earth to figure out of the planet is habitable again or not. Now these 100 have to figure out how to make a life on Earth and fight against all odds to survive the threats that the planet poses, only to find out that they’re not the only humans on the planet.

2. The characters are well written and show immense growth.

Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW — © 2013 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved.



There are so many interesting characters, both good and bad. But the best part is that not all bad characters are bad, and not all good characters are necessarily good either. The characters grow as the story grows and it is incredibly interesting to watch it.

3. Strong female characters who are vulnerable and badass at the same time.




So lately we’ve seen a wave of brilliantly written, strong female characters on television and The 100 also delivers on this count. All the female characters have depth, strong storylines and are some of the most badass women on television recently. There are so many REALLY important female characters in the show and this doesn’t feel forced, it just seems natural.

4. The characters are SMART.




Now the reason why this point matters, and why I stress on the word SMART, is that while mostly characters set in dystopian fictional universes are incredibly strong and brave, they make some terrible decisions. Characters in The 100 make realistic decisions, well as realistic as landing from space and living on a post-apocalyptic earth can be, but there decisions and choices feel logical and seem like the decisions you would make if you had landed from space on a post apocalyptic earth where everything and everyone is trying to kill you.

5. Bob. Morley.



I am sorry, this point is shallow but extremely important. The 100 gave me Bob Morley and for that I’m eternally grateful. I can’t believe I wasn’t aware of his existence pre-The 100, I actually don’t remember much of my life pre-The 100, but now it’s safe to say I’m obsessed. Bob Morley plays Bellamy Blake, one of the main characters from the show, and needless to say, he’s incredible. And incredible looking, as well…doesn’t hurt, right?

6. There is no actual villain.


Earth Skills
Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW — © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


I don’t know if it’s a popular opinion or not, but I really love it when stories don’t have a villain or a completely negative bad guy/girl. It feels as if the writers are treating the audience with respect and are taking in account their intelligence while creating complex ‘bad’ characters. It is also favourable when these ‘villains’ make us feel more sympathetic towards them than the hero. The 100 has some incredible characters and the lines between good and bad is very blurry, and so it is so much more fun to watch each and every characters and their storylines.

7. The  Grounder language is just SO COOL!




A whole new language was invented for the Grounders on The 100 by David J. Peterson, who also created Dothraki and Valyrian languages for the Game of Thrones (YEAH!), and the best part is that Trigedaslang (the language) sounds super cool and I may or may not have memorised some phrases in it to sound cool. That may have a totally opposite effect too, I am prepared.

8. The story is not afraid to go dark and unforgiving.


Photo: Carole Segal /The CW — © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved


There have been so many moments in The 100 where I mentally went “They wouldn’t go there!” But they did, and then some! I can’t expand on this much without revealing important plot points, but trust me when I say that you should expect the unexpected from The 100!

9. The costumes.



The costumes on the show seem practical and appropriate and the best part? There are no body con, boob spilling armor for the female characters! There clothes don’t magically get repaired or cleaned if they’ve just trekked through a ‘radiation soaked’ forest, or fought off a panther. It’s not a big factor, but attention to such details make the show so much more appealing.


In case these reasons were not compelling enough, here’s a picture of Bob Morley to change your mind: