There are very few things the whole world agrees on, and the fact that Game of Thrones season 6 is by far the best season ever is perhaps on top of that list. And that scientists need to come up with a no calorie, no fat yet same tasting version of KitKat Chunky ASAP, is a close second. No?….Just me?….OK!

I’ve been an ardent fan of Game of Thrones (also known as the show that makes me wish brutal death upon little kids…looking at you Tommen) since as long as I can remember (and one of the few people who’d use the word ‘ardent’), and it was with a heavy heart that I started feeling a sense of betrayal from the GoT universe. It started to feel as if the makers were relying on shock value to hook the viewers and the plot was becoming stagnant. BUT then came season 6 AKA the Redemption of Game of Thrones.

A lot went down in season 6, like a LOT, but one of the major wins this season was how well the women took care of business and proved that men are basically of no use in Westeros, aside from Jon Snow…we always need Jon Snow in our lives. Also, Lyanna Mormont(!) and Dany meeting Yara Greyjoy (FINALLY)!


There were a LOT of other cool things that happened this season that made it the best one amongst the 6, but here are the top 5 ways in which Game of Thrones totally redeemed itself, in my eyes, this season:

*SPOILERS, duh!*

1) Jon Snow went from being the ‘fella over there with the hella good hair’ to the KING IN THE NORTH


It’s not like nothing was happening in Jon Snow’s plot line, in fact his was one of the most active ones throughout the series, but I always thought that he had not got his due. While he had become a big shot at the wall, what with the whole fighting the Night King and making friends with the wildlings, not to mention the whole becoming the commander and then being killed and brought back to life (wow!), but now with him becoming the KING IN THE NORTH (seriously, so cool!) it is becoming more and more clear that he is a force to be reckoned with, not just for the Night King and his army, but to the other powerhouses down south too.

2) Everything’s coming up roses for the Starks


We’ve had to sit through 5 seasons of the world being absolutely the worst to anyone named/ owned by Stark, but season 6 gave us the Stark comeback we’ve all been waiting for. While we did not get Lady Stoneheart/ Zombie Catlyn, and Robb did not come back from the dead (as much as I was hoping, dreaming and basically spending better part of my days doing), but now that winter is coming, the Starks are back and HOW!

3) Sansa basically became the HBIC and ~*slayed*~


Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse for Sansa, her storyline did a complete U-turn and Sansa turned into a badass almost overnight. Her wins started coming right from the moment she decided to run away from Winterfell with Theon and then they just kept coming and we got the Stark reunion that dreams are basically made of.

Her growth as a character has perhaps been one of the best ones on the show and she’s done being treated like garbage by garbage men of Westeros and I can’t wait to watch what’s in store for her in the next season!

4) Something finally happens for Daenerys that does not involve dragons!


While I ❤ dragons as much as the next girl, I wanted to see something else from Dany. For the longest time, the dragons were the only thing going for her and it kind of felt unfair because she is such a strong character and it felt like the show had forgotten that somehow. But she’s had enough of politics and murdering slavers, and Dany of season 6 is a million fire emojis. Literally. Dany’s arc in season 6 felt like a mirror to her story in the first season, in all the good ways (still no Khal Drogo tho), with the whole not being burnt by fire and generally being fierce and awesome, and the best part was that most of her awesomeness did not come from her dragons, don’t get me wrong, the dragons do play their part in the awesomeness, but it was good to see Dany reverting back to old school slaying tactics. Plus, she’s FINALLY coming to Westeros. YAY!

5) For the first time, in a long time, good defeated evil.


For the longest time it felt like George R.R. Martin and the TV show makers were intent to make us forget everything Disney had taught us growing up, that in life good will always triumph over evil. Rooting for the good guys in Game of Thrones was never a good idea because you knew in the deepest of your heart that they will eventually die in the most brutal way possible. Small consolations came in the way of the Purple Wedding and such, but it wasn’t enough to erase the trauma of the Red Wedding and Ned Stark’s beheading. But season 6 was a complete turn around. The Starks finally had  a reunion, Brienne finally honored her promise to Catlyn AND met Jamie again (<3), Arya finally won at something AND Ramsay Bolton got defeated in the best way possible!