The Worrying Thing Nobody Noticed About Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

I have many issues with Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Ranbir Kapoor plays yet another man-child, Anushka Sharma walks out of her marriage with Fawad Khan (yes, she was unhappy and Fawad Khan might have cheated on her but girl please. Fawad. Khan), and Shah Rukh Khan made a special appearance and was not present throughout the movie playing all the characters.

And yes, I also realize that I am a little late to the ADHM bashing party but here I am.

I was deep down the YouTube rabbit hole one fine day when I stumbled upon the video of ‘Cutie Pie’, an insanely catchy song from ADHM that featured Fawad Khan dancing. Because I am a human woman with a working set of eyes, I played the video on repeat to ogle at the marvel dancing Fawad Khan is.

In my multiple viewings, I stumbled upon a potentially scary realization. There were no old people at Anushka (Alizeh) and Fawad Khan’s (Ali) wedding.


Now Karan Johar, let me tell you something about Muslim weddings, or actually any Indian weddings, for that matter. They’re TEEMING with old people.

On an average, there are about 7 old people for every young person at a Muslim wedding. Weddings are a rich source of young people of marriageable age and are often the hunting grounds for old people.


Yes, I understand that there’s such a thing as ‘creative license’ but I feel like this is taking it a bit too far.

Let’s play a fun game. Tell me how many old people can you spot in the following song….

I also get that Karan Johar might have thought that old people might cramp his style. But it’s impossible for me to believe that there’s a wedding going on when I don’t see an old woman interrogating a young girl about her age, educational qualifications and family history of heart diseases.


Incidentally, this is also the moment the ovaries of all the women present in the theatre exploded collectively. Fun fact, if you will.

But coming back to the issue at hand, throw however much of Fawad Khan you want at me, I just can’t accept that in good faith.

I can sit through your highly stylized versions of weddings and pre-wedding ceremonies, but WHERE ARE THE OLD FOLKS AT?

According to the story, none of the main characters were close to their families. This might explain the absence of anyone over the age of 40 at the wedding, but it still doesn’t excuse it.

That’s all.

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